chapter seven discussion identifying family problems

This is the first of your video/article review assignments and has specific assignment requirements. Make sure you read the instructions. No additional references outside of the reviewed item are required, but if you are presenting arguments not in the viewed item references will be required. If you express you opinion make sure you are clear it is your opinion.
After reading chapter 7 on families, reviewing the short article on divorce culture (Links to an external site.), on the weekly resource page, and this power point discussion on the myth of the 50% divorce rate, consider the following:
Your text outlines several problems that are associated with families that we could discuss but it seems that many of the problems have one common denominator depending on how it is phrased: divorce, single parenting, cohabitation.
While these seem to be three individual things and while divorce should be an individual or private circumstance or decision that people make, it has become the “blame,” or scapegoat, if you will, for many other things; including the rise of single parenting and cohabitation. Before we can intelligently discuss divorce we must first understand the myth of the 50% divorce statistic we have all heard, because sadly it is that myth which influences younger generations on whether they marry or not. So, do you agree? If not, what do you think are the biggest issues facing families? Do you think there is a “scapegoat” upon which any issues facing families are blamed? Below I will provide you with a list of possible topics, and even some questions based on the information I’ve provided. Feel free to respond to one or more of the items, or comment on something that one of your peers has put forth.
Examine the articles and videos on the weekly resource page. You can use the ones I provide or the ones provided by the publisher. Pick one of them to summarize and react to. Your reaction should tie the video/article to the chapter, and identify how the item fits into a social problem. You will be able to choose from chapter 7 or 6 if you want to look at issues in aging as a family problem.
I will allow you to see each other’s posts so that if you want to comment about the same video or article someone else posted about, you will be able to do that instead of posting an original post. If you do this you should provide a different perspective on the video/article presented. Or, if you want to present a different video or article you can do that.
Your second post should focus on ideas for solutions to any of the social problems raised in the chapter or the discussion. At least one of the posts MUST be a reply to someone else, and at lease one of the posts MUST deal with solutions for any of the issues raised. These solutions should focus on the local area but can discuss national or global solutions as well.
(Okay not really an example but….ideas on how to prepare your post)
In Summary: (Original Initial Post)
First, find a video or article from the items I’ve provided or provided from the publisher.
Second, Clearly state which article or video you are using and present the link. Provide a reason for why you chose this particular item.
Third, react to the video and it’s topic. Make a case for why the topic of the video/article is or is not a social problem using the criteria from chapter one.
(Reply to video someone else already presented) –if choosing this option make sure you have watched or read the item they are discussing.
Clearly state that you are replying to someone’s post. Use their name and say whether you agree with their assessment of the video/article or not.
Comment on their arguments for why the topic is or is not a social problem and add your own views about the topic and how it is portrayed in the video/article (This is not just a review of their post but you offering your take on the item as well. It should be distinguished from theirs)
Check your schedule for exact due dates for this assignment.
This assignment will be subjectively graded based on how well the item presented fits the chapter, how well you formulated arguments to support the item you are commenting on, that you posted twice within the due dates with at least one post completed by Thursday, and proof read your posts. The article/video post worth up to 10 points if all elements are present. The solutions post is worth 10 points as well. You can post this assignment late up to two weeks for half credit. Posts that are submitted more than one hour late will be subject to half credit penalty.

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