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Character Analysis ESSAY #1 The Character Analysis *Write a 3-5 page character analysis essay from GAME OF THRONES (BOOK 1 ONLY) *To analyze a character, you must find out what makes him or her “tick” by looking at social, behavioral, physical, and mental or emotional traits. You also must examine how the author presents those traits through actions, words, thoughts, looks, and reactions. *Topic: Often a character reflects the culture of the country in which he lives, that is, he or she exemplifies the skills, arts, values, beliefs, and ideals that of a certain people or country. From A Game of Thrones, choose a character that embodies the culture of the people he or she represents. In a well-developed essay, define the culture of one character and show how that character illustrates that culture. *CHARACTER: JEOR MORMONT (WRITE ABOUT HIM ONLY, NO OTHER CHARACTER) *FROM GAME OF THRONES BOOK 1 ONLY. *INCLUDE 3-4 QUOTES FROM BOOK 1

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