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Read the article than answer these 3 questions.
here’s the link to the article.

What is the possible flaw in the assumption made by twin research that identical and fraternal twins who are raised in the same home have the same environment?

Despite the limitations of twin research, how are twin studies useful?

Which type of genetic study is expected to add to what we learn from twin studies in
the future?

Understanding Chromosomal Abnormalities
Please review the following link and article at the March of Dimes website, then answer the following 4 questions.

How many children in the United States are born with a chromosomal abnormality?

What causes chromosomal abnormalities, and what happens to most embryos with the
wrong number of chromosomes?

Do all children with the same chromosomal abnormality have the same

If one of your children has a chromosomal abnormality, will all of your other children
have the same condition?

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