Choose 1 psychological disorder discussed in textbook. Find

Choose 1 psychological disorder discussed in textbook. Find two or more website resource(s) that adds to your knowledge of this disorder. This information should be more than the chapter contents and be general information or focus on a specific part of the disorder. Write a summary (do not copy and paste) about what you learned. This should be detailed – several paragraphs. Be sure to add links to the website so that others can review it, too.This is ‘first come first serve’. You need to select a disorder that someone else has not already posted. You can post a topic to reserve it and then add your information as a reply, if desired. If you post on a topic already taken/reserved, it will count as peer iteraction, not an original post. Your original post must be a new disorder (not already taken/reserved). Be sure to respond to other students – you can add other similar website resources or add to the discussion in other ways.

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