As a part of this Organizational Behavior Class, students will need to complete a major term project on a project they define that is related to Organizational Behavior and the SLO’s for this class.


Each person and/or team will conduct a Consulting project with an actual organization. They will use the tools they learn in this class to Identify & Analyze, Reflect & Consult with them across an area of their business. This could be evaluating any of the processes/areas we cover in this class: 

1. The effectiveness of their management process

2. Organizational Culture & Innovation

3. Team formation and performance

4. Motivation and performance

5. Decision making and Creativity

6. Conflict

7. Communications

8. Power & politics

 9. Leadership process and effectiveness

10. Organizational structure and design

You will construct a plan for this project, complete with milestones and have this approved by your professor to ensure you are on the right track with your assignment.


Your assignment will consist of:

• Physical observation of the work unit/company

 • Interview(s) and/or a survey with key leaders/some employees for data collection.

 • You will be a student of the behavior and process and use that data to Identify and Analyze what’s working well/could be improved.

• You will then use the Reflect and Consult lens to pull together 1-page infographic on what you found that could help someone interested in doing this well. (e.g., data around what you found, steps to doing this well, etc.).

See these examples of infographics here). Just google it…….

• You will paper on your process and findings and then do a short virtual (or live on campus) presentation as if back to the “client” on what you discovered and what you’d recommend to them as an organizational consultant.

 • You will present your findings to the client, and I will send them a survey to get feedback on your work with them and include this as part of your grade.

Upload your INFOGRAPHIC summarizing your key data findings and story.

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