Civil Liberties or Civil Rights Federalism Congress Presidency Judiciary Bureaucracy

Choose a current event article that was published within the last 60 days. The length should be a minimum of 500 words, but, more importantly, should provide a sufficient amount of information for the assignment to be completed. The article should be submitted along you’re your paper: either scan the article and submit it along with your paper in Canvas or include a URL to the article. Choose your article in relation to the following topics that have been covered so far in the semester: Civil Liberties or Civil Rights Federalism Congress Presidency Judiciary Bureaucracy Article Summary: (1-2 paragraphs, minimum) Summarize the relevant points of the article. This includes the author and the source, the article topic, and whatever details will relate to your evaluation and analysis. Analysis: (2-3 paragraphs, minimum) Connect what you have learned in your reading to the current event you have chosen. The point is to show a connection between what is written about in your text and what is happening in current American society. Provide concrete connections between the information provided in the textbook and the article. Include why it is important to know about this event and how it impacts Americans’ day-to-day life. Opinion: (1 paragraph, minimum) What do you think about the current event? How does the event affect you, your family, or your community? Your opinion must be based on prior knowledge and what you have read. Use vocabulary and information from the textbook to support your response. Opinions must be supported by fact. Conclusion: (1 paragraph, minimum) Summarize the connections you have made, and, if possible, combine this summary with opinions presented as well. This paragraph should not introduce new information, but remind the reader what the student has discussed.

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