Employing executive writing skills,15-page overview of a novel $2 million advertising plan for cleaning product delivery service (Subscription). The main target would be the upper middles class; they are often too busy to make weekly trips to the store to buy cleaning supplies. The project should include at a minimum:  A highly descriptive title  A one-page executive summary revealing the gist of your recommendations  Well-developed paragraphs with proper transitions briefly explaining: o Principle customers/end users of the good or service o Organization’s objectives and goals (maximize profit? ROI? Breakeven?) o Competition o Segmentation and target marketing o Differentiation and positioning of the good or service in the marketplace o Chief features and benefits of the good or service o Pricing o Distribution o Overview of the promotion mix (support of personal selling for instance?)  Well-developed paragraphs with proper transitions thoroughly explaining the synergistic advertising mix of: o Media strategy o Use of television advertising o Use of radio advertising o Use of newspaper advertising o Use of magazine advertising o Use of out-of-home advertising o Use of Internet (including, but not limited to: traditional banner, Google click, widgets, mobile applications, blogs, social networks, viral videos, podcasts, email, and search engine optimization) o Direct response advertising  A thorough explanation of the “media, message, and timing” of your recommendations, one deserving of enthusiasm by bankers, venture capitalists, and other interested parties  A reference section citing all borrowed sources, sources that match corresponding citations within the body of the work so as to avoid all forms of plagiarism

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