This assignment requires the highest level of research, analysis, and argumentation. now attempting to add our own voice to an ongoing academic conversation, and therefore want to tailor our writing to a scholarly audience and their expectations. For our culminating research assignment, you will address a social problem or phenomenon or debate on your own terms and in the manner, you feel best applies. Topic: suggest a new angle to why closing the gender wage gap benefits the economy and more importantly how women being financially empowered helps strengthen communities, families and is a necessary step to ending poverty based on research. look at stats and scholars points of view to agree and disagree. also, the original argument is that however women are spending their money has a far greater benefit than how men spend their money because when you empowered a woman to earn a dollar, she invested 80 to 90% back into her family and her community, it was typically 30 to 40% for men. So if there’s a silver bullet in fighting poverty, it’s economically empowering women.

-Focus on research that counters and then argue why they are wrong but in an academic way. discuss that closing the gender wage gap creates NOT ONLY AN equitable society BUT IS TRULY IMPACTFUL FOR ALL ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO DECREASING GLOBAL POVERTY – focus on How women spend their money as opposed to men -be creative and talk about how an equally financial world would look like if women did not have a financial disparity, definitely include the ending poverty aspect important- scholarly, secondary, and primary sources NO EXTENSION CAN BE GIVEN THIS IS A topic for discussion that has not received sufficient scholarly attention. Take a position in response to this subject that furthers the academic conversation, be it by offering a new (or modified) solution to the problem, revealing a new dimension to the problem itself, changing the focus of the scholarly debate, or any other means of making your own contribution. Some portion, however, must offer an ORIGINAL contribution to this conversation aka the curtailing poverty. Suggestions for a successful paper: Make sure to provide your readers with an overview of the topic you’re discussing. You are writing for an academic audience, but you still need to establish the issue and why it’s important enough to be writing and reading about (i.e., you need to make a case for why this problem matters, and in so doing, why your paper about it matters). Research is needed to support your claim that this topic is worth the audience’s time. • Your use of summary throughout the paper should be selective. Assume that your readers haven’t read the texts you’re citing and may have little familiarity with the topic you’re discussing, but don’t spend too much time summarizing others’ work. Only provide readers what they need to know in order to understand the significance of the issue and to understand your proposed contribution(s). • Use your research. One goal of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with what has already been said about your topic and what responses have already been offered, and then to display the knowledge you have gained in your own writing. When advocating a new course of action, for instance, you must show an awareness of what has already been tried. Keep in mind that solutions and insights that have worked well in one area can sometimes be applied successfully elsewhere. Consequently, your essay must contain an internal, abbreviated version of your A3 literature review. • Part of recommending an improvement or change usually involves understanding how the topic has reached its current form. To this end, you will need to explore and explain some of the specific factors that have led to this problem or critical impasse, and how your contribution does (and perhaps, to a degree, doesn’t) address those factors. • Acknowledge any potential difficulties with the change or solution you are advocating.

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