Assignment 6: “Cognitive distortions and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)” Reading assignment instructions Cognitive distortions; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).docx [See also: Jules Evans, “How philosophy can save your life”:] Read the articles posted under Assignment 6 (above).  Sometimes when students are given reading assignments, they will quickly skim through the articles and try to identify the most important points without reading them all the way through.

If you read in this way, you will not learn enough from your reading to do good work on the writing assignment that you will do in class. Instead of quickly skimming through looking for the main points, read the articles slowly and carefully. Your goal is to assimilate and retain the information in the articles. You can only do this by reading slowly and carefully. If you do not read the articles before you come to class, you will not be prepared for the in-class writing assignment. Writing assignment instructions Write a short essay (minimum 650 words) in response to the prompt: What are cognitive distortions? How do they work? How do cognitive distortions affect the way that people feel about the world, about others, and about themselves? What are some examples of cognitive distortions? How can understanding cognitive distortions help people who suffer from depression and other mood disorders?

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