Collects data for a FBA, creates a BIP, implements some of the recommendations on the BIP and then writes a reflection Implement a behavior management program.

 Data collection and reporting for an individual student Given a reporting protocol, candidates will learn about a student and submit the following information about a student through a given case study or from school pre-referral forms: a. Background from the Child Study Team (example: SRBI, SAT, pre-referral team, PBIS team) on one individual student. This will include historical information from any cumulative and confidential files, behavior files, attendance and health records. Other pertinent and historical information, such as language and student’s culture, transience, participation in mental health activities will also be included. b. The candidate will gather the following data: Conduct an observation of the target student in a classroom -using an ABC method, Conduct an observation of the target student – collecting data on an identified behavior using a frequency or tally count, and conduct one observation of the target student, on a target behavior, using an interval collection method. c. Candidates will submit an organized graph and functional behavior assessment (FBA) report, using a prescribed format that synthesizes/summarizes the key information for presentation at a staff/ team meeting, for purposes of behavioral study. Developing the Behavior Intervention Plan Using the FBA data, candidates will plan and develop a Behavior Intervention plan (BIP) based upon the case information. The plan will be scrutinized for all components/key elements of a prescriptive plan, especially: Goals, Strategies, Action Plan or Implementation and Assessment Procedures. Candidates will use and submit the prescribed forms and format. Using a behavior management program for the student, implement the plan. After two weeks, reflect on the plan and make adjustments. Submit the plan and a reflection of how the plan did or did not work and what you learned from this experience. Collect data for use in a functional behavioral assessment evaluation 1. Use data collection forms from course documents or those used at your school site 2. Collect information/data on a behavior of concern demonstrated by a student at your school site 3. Use the data to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) 4. Implement (part of) the BIP 5. Write a reflection on how the BIP met student’s needs 6. Use reflection rubric as a guide for content writing. Design a behavior management program with a focus on the student in your FBA/BIP 1. Establish desired outcome of implemented plan 2. Construct data collection method and collect data on behavior management plan-2 wk period 3. Summarize outcome of behavior management program effect based on data collected over 2 week period 4. Reflect upon learning from design and implementation of behavior management plan. 5. Write reflection summary please use summative FBA BIP pdf ( all the information you need is there) to fill up word documents: please replace the blue marks BSP and FBA

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