COM315 Module 4 Discussion (December 2018) – Get an Orginal Paper (

COM 315 Decision Support Systems

Module 4 Discussion

1. Explain how a change in resource availability can affect the optimal solution of a problem.

2. Explain how a change in an objective function coefficient can affect the optimal solution of a problem.

3. What is a sensitivity report? How is it used?

4. How do we detect the presence of alternative optimal solutions from a Solver Sensitivity Report?

5. What is the shadow price? Give an example. Why would a firm find information regarding the shadow price of a resource useful?

6. Explain binding and non-binding constraints. How can you tell in the sensitivity report that a constraint is binding.

When all of the above have been selected, please review text chapter/section(s) assigned for module 4 to select a topic that has not been discussed.

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