common academic expectations in an american university

                             Common academic expectations in an american university

Thesis Statement:

            The culture of America and sets of cultural values affects student’s expectations in American Universities particularly in Seattle.


The mission and vision of every institution is created so that people will be aware of the objectives. Every university has its own vision and mission which is designed to attract students and make them decide to be part of that university. Edward C. Stewart and Milton J. Bennett on their book entitled American Cultural Patterns (134) states that a person’s decision is greatly influenced and motivated by self interest, career perspectives and personal achievements. This means individuals have their own personal insight of what needs to be done and what to become in the future. The university which they wanted to be enrolled is a reflection of their personal decisions. This also applies to the type of course that they wish to take and the motivation needed to finish it. Sooner,a person well driven of his/her own decision is confident enough to graduate from a university who gave him/her sufficient knowledge and made him the professional person that he/she wanted to be.

            Seattle university has a vision to educate a person as a whole. this ranges form professional formation to leadership empowerment to lead in a just and humane world. The vision of this university is to be an independent and a premier Northwest University that gives out education with good quality and provide services to the society using the Jesuit Catholic approach. Those who studies at Seattle University are trained to excel academically surrounded by a good environment.

            The University also ensures that students are nurtured with proper values and ideals like faith, justice, equality, and responsible leadership.  Annual dialogs among students, faculty members and University staff concerning the University’s mission are being held to check if the University’s goals are met.   The aforementioned dialogs also value achievements in accordance to American culture, in addition it shows that Seattle University has practical achievements.

            The University has active scholars as professors to emphasize academic excellence, this in turn, produces competent students who carry out the University’s principles in the corporate world.  The use of technology and publicity make goals plausible and achievable.  Marketing professor Carl Obermiller states that graduate students usually return to the University expressing gratitude and saying the ideals and values instilled are quite effective In their work environment.

            Thus, such phenomenon signifies that the University and its professors have done their job well.  Moreover, the University’s pride is heightened by prominent students who epitomize the the University’s quality education.  Furthermore, outstanding students also boost the University’s status in the Northwestern region.

            Meticulous assessment is another method that the University utilizes, this serves as a huge aid for practical goal achievement.  University staff and faculty assess student learning through systematic methods, this gives the University and idea on how the students excel in academics and promotion of the University mission.  The University faculty and staff are divided in to numerous support and service units in order to monitor excellence in all perspectives.

            The ideologies of education and assessment are inspired by Jesuits who draw their principles from the legacy of st. Ignatius of Loyola; the founder of the Society of Jesus. This gives emphasis on the way Jesuits educates and asses continual reflection, discernment and review. This method is followed since 1891, the year it was founded.

            In 2000, assessments were made systematic and collaborative making it university-wide and intended to plan more strategic budgeting. Seattle University continues to pursue its growth in making assessments that are necessary to improve teaching and learning even more. Assessment is the way to support the institution’s life according to Seattle University. Achievement is measured according to the excellence given to the university.

            Individualism is another American value that is possessed by the university. Student and administration of Seattle University focuses love for individualism. Diversified learning allows students to learn and enjoy at the same time. This university is considered as a racially and culturally diversified institution that gives respect to students from different races and cultures. It is also the biggest university in the Northwest that can accommodate big volumes of students. Student’s individuality is considered as an asset to the university to provide services to the society. In the book American Cultural Patterns, American Individualism in Seattle University is also mentioned. This means that it provides wide scope of opportunities not only for the students but as well as the whole university. Individualistic means each student is doing his/her own thing (ACP 130). Each course that a student wishes to take always emphasizes individualism. Upon individual’s decision to enter the university and choose an endeavor to pursue, he/she needs to conform to the university’s policies and finish all the subjects required in the curriculum.

            Once a student is absorbed in a particular department, like in my case I am part of the Albers Business School – Marketing Department, as a student of this department, I am required to complete all the requirements in the Marketing Curriculum. Marketing students are involved in most business activities that will train them more in this field. Such activities never fail to adhere to the university’s mission statement like developing strategy based on assessment,  assessment of consumer wants and needs, services for those wants and needs and designing products. marketing students are expected to nourish skills and characteristics needed to become successful professional in this field.

            All subjects included in the curriculum are made in such a way that it aids students to understand everything and anything in the field of Business Marketing. This involves consumer behavior, products and services handling and marketing strategies. The Marketing Curriculum in Albers Business School, has subjects with prerequisites. This means that students cannot take one subject without finishing the prerequisite subject. This is vital because basic subjects should be taught first before going to major and complex subjects. In connection to the American Values, pragmatism and null logic can be applied in taking prerequisite subjects. This is because null logic values means individuals should be taught in a sequence pattern. Lessons are divided and arranged from the easiest to the most difficult to compose the student’s mind. This is one effective approach although there are some arguments about it. Some classes should not be taken in sequence because there are subjects which are independent from any other subjects. Students should be given the freedom to choose which subject they prefer to take up first. Americans value freedom so much. According to one quotation from the book American Cultural Patterns, “The American value of fairness, indicated by their concern with procedures, is not confined to formal groups” (107).

            Expectations from American Universities particularly in Seattle University is strongly influenced by American Cultures and Values. Seattle University has values and ideals that really attract students to enroll in such prestigious university. This is one great opportunity for them to be admitted in an institution that guides and trains students to become the best professionals in the future.

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