For this assignment, you need to identify a public agency (chosen public agency: Los Gatos, California) that you do *NOT* work or volunteer for and assess their marketing communications. you will be calling them to assess their interpersonal communication as well as their online communication efforts. You will make one phone call – asking a question similar to the one in the list below. You will analyze its website thoroughly, and you will briefly assess two social media accounts that the organization maintains. You will also need to identify the person responsible for public relations and/or marketing at the agency and conduct a brief interview with them to assess how they see the role of strategic communi cati ons wi thi n thei r agency. You will summarize your findings in a fi ve -page paper.

The goal of this assignment is to have you examine marketing communications using a critical eye. What information is being shared? Is it enough to give you a thorough understanding of the organization? Are they attempting to engage stakeholders, inform them, or simply persuade them? Your final paper should also include one page focused on how they can improve their communication eff orts.

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