Topic: Community Health Assessment/Plan of Coney Island district (Brooklyn, NY). This paper consists of the 4 following sub-sections: 1. Introduction to Coney Island community/district 2. Description of Community assessment 3. Identification of strength and weaknesses of Coney Island district 4. PROPOSAL (planning and implementation) to improve weaknesses of Coney Island community. Please include answers to those questions within the four subsections: Size and density: -where is the community located? -what is the population of the community? Composition: -what is the age composition of the community? -what occupations are represented and in what percentages? Rate of growth or decline: -how has the population size changed over the past two decades? -what are the health implications of this change? Cultural differences: -what is the ethical breakdown of population? -what racial groups are represented? -what subcultural populations exist in the community? Do any of the subcultural groups have unique health needs and practices? Social class: -what percentage of population falls into each social class? What do class differences suggest for health needs and services? Mobility -how does the pattern of mobility affect the health of the community?(mobility of population affects continuity of care .) Poverty level: -what percentage of populations bellow federal poverty levels? How many children quality foe free or reduced cost school lunch?(economic disparities may lead to health disparities) Unemployment: -what is the rate of unemployment? How variable is this rate?(health insurance is often tied to employment; lack of regular income can be o family stressor that can lead to health disparities) Health status/environmental status: -what is the rate of obesity? What are the rate of tobacco use and substance abuse? what is the immunization rate? What are the rate of injury and violence? what are the STD and HIV/AIDS rates? -what are rates of communicable or chronic diseases (ex . E. coli infections, asthma)? what is the Toxic Release inventory? Geographic features: —-destruction may be caused by floods/ Human made environment: -what is the quality of housing? Do highways allow access to health institutions? How have air, land, and water been affected by human? LOCAtion of health services: -where the major health institutions located? What necessary health institutions are outside the community?

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