Comparative analysis of two different star category hotels, their operational processes and practices in relation to resource and performance management and technology. You will be expected to cover points, such as the followings (not limited to). Students to follow the below Criteria for their presentation-
• Introduction of both hotels;
• Accommodation background information (Hotel, resort, five-star, four-star, AIR BNB etc., chain hotel or standalone hotel);
• Accommodation organisation’s information (e.g., established year, the number of rooms, market profile, ownership, occupancy rate, any awards, etc.);
• Forbes Ratings/Trip Advisor ranking/rating (e.g., how many “excellent” and “very good” and how many “terrible” the hotel received);
• Hotel reservation systems, booking procedures and room division.
• Creative ideas of the hotels which attracts the patrons.
• Conclusion/Summary.

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