Compare and Contrast the Medical and Social Models used to diagnosis and treatment Depression


Part 1 of the EMA consists of the case study report, which is based on the proposal you negotiated with your tutor at the end of Week 19. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the uses of case studies, an overarching theme of the module. Your case study must: clearly articulate the topic you have chosen to investigate present a review of the relevant literature, drawing on material from the module as well as your independent review of literature (which must include a minimum of three articles), and identify the relevant theories and research, and the key findings provide clear and explicit links between other theoretical or conceptual material drawn from across the module critically evaluate and identify the strengths and limitations of: theory political or social critiques methodology the analysis the significance of the findings any biases. demonstrate an appreciation of the role of power and cultural values consider the ethical issues of an application of the case study, for example anonymised responses. Please note that you do not need to carry out primary research, such as collecting original data, for Part 1 of the EMA, and no additional marks will be awarded for doing so. So, do not conduct any form of data collection and analysis. If you are unsure about what primary research is, please contact your tutor. Throughout the module you have explored a range of case studies, and considered the strengths and limitations of the case study approach. In your report, you will need to show an understanding of what you have learnt. In particular, you will find relevant material in: Week 1, where you identified and explored themes around case studies Week 8, where you completed a case study activity around worldviews Weeks 18 and 19, where you selected your case study area and negotiated your proposal with your tutor Weeks 25–28, where you carried out your case study review

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