Compare the parliamentary and presidential forms of government. Which is better form of government?

Description 1.The paper should open with an introduction which contains a concise statement of the thesis of the paper. 2.After developing the argument through a connected series of points, close the paper with a conclusion which sums up the main points and relates them to the thesis of the paper. 3.Present your points clearly and logically. Write the paper as if it were directed to a general, reasonably well-educated audience. Accordingly, be sure to define key terms (such as “direct democracy” or “systemic discrimination”). As the paper should be written in your own words, direct quotations should be used sparingly and only to advance or clarify your argument. 4.Support your points with research and with rational, balanced arguments. As the essay topics deal with issues that are open to a range of plausible interpretations, be sure to acknowledge important viewpoints which run contrary to your own. Briefly evaluate them before moving on to your next point. 5.Proof-read your final draft to avoid spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. In addition to using the spell-check function on your computer, you may wish to ask someone to proof-read the paper. 6.. FORMAT A) Title page: Include on the title page the following information: the title of the paper your name the course name and number the instructor’s name the date B) The paper should be double-spaced and typed in 12-point type. C) If using endnotes, place them on a separate page at the end of the paper, ahead of the Bibliography. D) The Bibliography should be on a separate page, after the Endnotes page (if applicable). E) Pages in the body of the paper should be numbered.

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