Comparison of four key financial institutions: commercial banks, insurance companies,
investment banks and investment funds in Australia from the perspective of a potential
investor who would like to invest into the institutions
Criteria for comparison include: (1) classification (the group of financial institutions it belongs
to); (2) market sector of operation; (3) key business activities; and (4) main source of income.
Organize your group’s comparison in a relevant table. Your group’s research should be
supported by a fact finding of real life examples of a commercial bank, insurance company,
and investment bank and investment fund in Australia. Your group’s discussion on each
example should reflect the above mentioned criteria and the following information: (i) what
is the code of stock listed, (ii) when was the company’s stock was first listed, (iii) what is the
current market capitalization of that stock, (iv) the current total share outstanding, (v) who is
the chairman and who is the CEO of that company, (vi) a graph of five year dividend payment
for each company and (vii) next dividend date. Using ASX and ASIC websites for the fact
finding. Your group is not allowed to choose the cases I have used as examples in this
assignment instruction.

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