For this assignment , you are required to conduct secondary research on a local Australian-based or international firm to highlight how it embraces just one form of diversity. You cannot choose a firm from the Banking, Airline, Supermarket or Telecommunication Sectors. You can focus on cultural diversity or any other form (gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc.).
The focus of your assignment should be to highlight and critique your chosen firm by presenting issues related to how it manages that specified diversity. Assessment Instructions To ensure the success of your assignment , you should include the following:
1. An overview of the firm: what does it do and why did you select it?
2. Its diversity-related initiatives: what are they?
3. Sources: where have you obtained this information?
4. A critique of the diversity initiatives: have they been successful?
5. Recommendations: what else could the firm do in relation to diversity?
6. Additional sources: on what basis are you making those recommendations?
You are required to create a series of Powerpoint slides (10-12) with talking points to assist your presentation and display your research/references.
Minimum 6 References (Harvard style)

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