This part of the assignment will require you to analyse and discuss your topic – it is not just a presentation of facts and evidence! The paper should be approximately 1500 words in length and must follow MLA formatting and citation guidelines throughout. The final paper must also contain the following elements: An introduction, conclusion, and clearly identifiable thesis statement Main discussion section: 4-7 paragraphs of evidence, analysis, examples, expert testimony etc. MLA style bibliography that includes a minimum of 5 sources. At least 3 of these sources must be academic/scholarly in nature and each source must be cited at least once in the body of the paper. PLEASE NOTE: No more than 30% of your paper may be another’s referenced works or ideas – if your paper simply reassembles sources from elsewhere without the addition of your own thoughts, then this constitutes a breach of academic honesty/integrity and could result in a grade of 0 on the assignment. Here are my original proposal Research Paper Proposal My research question How the film Get Out response to racial discrimination in North America? Thesis The film Get Out response to racism throughout many detail scenes to represent black people still being hurts by racial discrimination in daily life and reflects all aspects of the social race unfairness across the history in North America. Introduction After watching the movie Get Out, I found this movie not only a horror film that makes audience scared but also a great movie which has delicious irony to racism. The film talk about a black man Chris living in the US and has a white girlfriend who later on bring Chris to her white family and let him suffering racial faux. After some discoveries he found this is a dirty racism trade and decided to fight back. Tons of details in the film have symbolic meaning and all of them satire the colour bar for black people. So I decided to find the connection between this movie and racial problem and furthermore, discuss about the racial horror in historical perspective. Works Cited Grant,Barry Keith. Screams on Screens:Paradigms of Horror.2010. Consider about credibility, First this article is objective, all the references are not supporting by any film company and the author selected various sources to support his idea.Secondly,It is reliable because majority of the sources came from academic university and make it authentic, the article also is up to date. I choose this because it strongly explain how the horror movie connected to historical root which correspond to my thesis and it helps me to explain how the specific scene or detail try to tell the audience something and might be ignored easily. Nichols, Bryan K. “Get Out: A Study of Interracial Dynamics in an Unrepaired and Unrepentant America-A Modern Day Racial Horror.” Psychoanalytic Review, vol. 105, no. 2, Apr. 2018, pp. 223–236. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1521/prev.2018.105.2.223. The author keep as objective as he can and make it undoubtedly and all he said is based on the real accident and the film itself. The time is this year and means very up to date. This source is focus on the film I watched and particularly explains the theme of underlying racial attitudes experienced by the leading role Chris and expanded to real life Black American facing the racial issues. McDonagh, Maitland. “Dark side: Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”mixed horror and social satire.”Film Journal international, Feb 20,2017. . This journal is directly tells the interview with Jordan Peele, the director of the movie Get Out, nothing is better than the story teller to tell his own story. Consider of bias, the author is an American film critic using realistic narrate to talk about how Peele claims the movie and his propose on this film. Get Out. Directed by Jordan Peele, performances by Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Lakeith Stanfield, and Catherine Keener, Universal Picture. Conclusion I will focus on thesis and using the sources I found to explain how the film Get Out shows the race problem connected to historical perspective. This sources is must used one.In my proposal there already 3 sources I had chosen including the one above.Need 5 sources in total.MLA style for the whole essay please. We will have a presentation of it.Here are some rules that might help.Explain the scope, context, and parameters of your research essay. What will you be addressing, and what will you not be discussing? (2 marks) Tell us your research question and thesis for the final report (2 marks) Describe the main areas or topics of your investigation. Show us the main points or arguments that you will be making in your essay. (4 marks) Explain the counterpoints or alternative perspectives to those that you have covered in your essay. (3 marks)

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