Constitutional amendment to improve the system of government

Question 1: If you could propose one constitutional amendment to improve our system of government or nation what would it be? Explain your proposed amendment and speculate as to whether it would ever be ratified. (Note: if you agree with an idea that has actually been proposed as an amendment, it is acceptable to use this one in your answer.). Question 2: In a federal system, national and state governments share power. On some issues the federal (national government) holds power, on others the states make policy, and in a third area both the national and state governments share power. Many of the key disputes concerning federalism involve which level(s) of government may properly exercise the power to make public policy. Explain your position on same sex marriage in the context of federalism. To find information on the topic, use Google to learn more about same sex marriage and federalism. Make certain that you understand both sides of the issue. For example, if you support same sex marriage be sure to explain why the issue should not be left to individual states to decide. Be sure to cite the constitutional principle or argument supporting your view.

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