This assignment consists of two questions, which need to be answered separately (i.e., write two answers, one for each question). Each answer should be no more than 2000 words (including everything). This means that your individual term paper cannot be more than 4000 words total. The due date will be communicated on QMplus.


Your answers will be graded based on the following criteria:  Relevance and correctness of information used  How well is this information integrated  Extend of in-depth analysis  Evidence of learning from lectures, seminars, and required readings  How well structured and balanced is the answer  Appropriateness of examples given You are expected to use the literature that we discussed during the semester, what was presented in lectures and seminars (goes beyond course textbook!) and additional articles that were specified in the module handbook as “Required Readings”. For each question, you are required to use at least 10 scientific sources (e.g. articles, books, chapters). Non- scientific websites, blogs, and related social media content do not count towards this limit. References should be correctly cited in the text and also listed in the Reference/Bibliography section at the end of each answer. 

Question 1: Analysing a commercial The purpose of this assessment is to give you an opportunity to apply the consumer behaviour principles and theories discussed in the first half of the module (weeks 1-6) and the corresponding chapters in the textbook (Chapters 2-6) to evaluate an actual marketing commercial. Students will choose one of the four possible commercials and analyse the different consumer behaviour aspects that contribute to the commercial’s (lack of) success. Please choose one of the four commercials and analyse the use of the theories and principles of the “Psychologic Core” of consumer behaviour (e.g., Motivation, ability, & opportunity; Exposure, attention, & perception; Categorizing & comprehending information; Forming & changing attitudes; Forming & retrieving memories): Commercial #1 (Fiat 500X): Commercial #2 (Direct TV): Commercial #3 (Berlitz): Commercial #4 (Amazon Prime): Please note that you do not have to include all aspects of the psychologic core principles. It is better to choose one or two of these principles and describe & apply them in detail rather than listing all psychologic core principles and only covering them superficially. In your analysis, you could consider things like:  How are consumers’ motivation, ability, and opportunity addressed?  How are consumers exposed to the product/service/brand?  How does the commercial try to capture consumers’ attention?  How is consumers’ perception influenced?  How do consumers understand the message of the commercial?  How are consumers’ attitudes shaped or changed?  How are emotions being manipulated? What is the goal behind that?

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