You are to select a contemporary social issue relating to gender, and to create a written work of either fiction or creative non-fiction1 in response to this issue. Your work may affirm or subvert social norms and stereotypes, challenge the reader’s assumptions, and/or promote social change through representing the issue in a way which encourages the reader to see it as problematic. Your issue may be conceptual or may be related to a specific person or group. You can use any written form you would like, aside from analytical essay; however, all pieces will need to meet the word count requirements. To meet word count, students writing in shorter forms (e.g. poetry) should consider submitting a folio of works. You can see a selection of texts that offer perspectives about contemporary social issues via [], although you are encouraged to be imaginative in your approach and go beyond the ideas and presentation provided in the stimulus material. Rationale: You should use your rationale to justify your work and make meaningful connections to your inspiration and narrative or literary technique. The aim of the rationale is not to describe your creative piece or selected stimulus, but to display your process of thinking. You will be expected to discuss: • The inspiration of your work – what in your stimulus inspired your creativity? How have you responded to your selected stimulus?

• The intention of your work- what are exploring in this work? What is the intended impact on your audience? • The language choices you made – how are you using form and language to achieve your purpose and desired impact? How are you using form and language to represent the contemporary gender issue you have chosen? As always, you are expected to cite secondary sources in your rationale and provide a list of references

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