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Assignment Link:

Website reference: Executed Offenders dataset

This exercise involves you using imagination and logical reasoning to occupy the mindset of a visualiser facing the task of formulating a brief for different scenarios. Imagine you are given the challenge of creating a visualisation/infographic in each of the following made-up scenarios:

THE SUBJECT: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Scenario A: A pro-capital punishment (local/national) newspaper reporting on the milestone of the 500th execution (pretend it is 2013, there have now been more than 500)

Scenario B: Analyst staff at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reporting to senior management about aspects of their operations

Scenario C: A campaign group looking to influence the debate about the ending of capital punishment

Assignment Length (word count): At least 500 words (not including direct quotes).

Please make sure that the Discussion is APA formatted, citations and references, as well (At least two peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.) By submitting this discussion, you agree for Plagiarism check with all the existing internal student papers and outside external references.