Cost Benefit Analysis Phase 1 of 3

Resource: Ch 7, website of selected city Perform a cost-benefit analysis for your selected project. First, visit the website of the city where you live or a favorite city. Read about the city and its projects. Find out about a future project the city plans to do. The project may be a new road, a new building, or another project that does not exist yet but the city is considering. Do not choose projects from non-profits, state or federal government, or projects or programs already in existence. Choose a new project that may or may not be done but is under consideration by your city. This will be part I for this project. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 7 to 10 slides summarizing the project and showing the cost benefit analysis. Explain the following: How this analysis will be used for making decisions regarding public expenditures. Support slide with in-text citations. What role did economic theory play when conducting your research of this project? Support slide with in-text citations. Did the economic theory influence your cost-benefit analysis? Support slide with in-text citations. Include the cost benefit analysis of the project. Determine the total cost in dollars of the project; determine the total benefits in dollars of the project (do your best to change benefits into dollars), and do the cost benefit analysis. This involves using math, talking about CBA in general is not enough, an actual analysis for the project selected is needed. Indicate if the project should be done or not. See attached example. Format any citations and reference pages consistent with APA guidelines. Place citations as close as possible to the sentence or item cited. List references on the last page. Keep presentation in third person. Avoid using speaker notes, but do include them if needed to explain the slide. This is a presentation in a webinar format that communicates learning by reading the slide. This is not a presentation to be presented orally with minimum or no writing. Use bullets to organize your work.

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