create a website and also set up your NOVA account. – Get an Orginal Paper (


This assignment was about learning to create a website and also setting up your NOVA account. You did a good job on the web Let’s Help with this paper ( , but that was only part of the assignment. You have earned 25% (F) and 6.25/25 points.

-20 Website folders. You haven’t set any of them up.

-20 Uploading files. You didn’t upload any of the files.

+10 I gave you points for validation because your Let’s Help with this paper ( validated, but you should provide a reference to your validation.

+10 Your assignment files are in the folder.

+5 Required Elements – You missed out on pieces of the assignment as listed above.

-20 You did not provide a URL.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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