Begin your voiceover PowerPoint presentation by choosing a demographic or diversity issue that might arise in, or affect, the criminal justice system. This will be the foundation for your presentation, which is due in Module 8. Write an introduction to the demographic or diversity issue of your choice. Explain why you consider this important as it relates to the criminal justice system. Perhaps provide an example to guide your instructor in understanding your rationale for this choice.

Submit an MSWord document of 250 words. This topic selection must be approved by your instructor before beginning work on your presentation. For your assignment, you will submit an annotated bibliography with at least seven (7) valid sources you have found, which will be used in your paper. In a 12–15 slide voiceover PowerPoint presentation, choose a social demographic or diversity issue that you think may have a significant impact on the criminal justice system. As stated in the Module 7 notes, race is generally considered an issue in this realm. However, do you see any other demographic that may have an effect, cause a dilemma, or be the foundation for policy or procedural change? Age, ethnicity, religion, culture, SES, educational level and physical/mental ability (disability), are variables you may want to consider. Discuss how the demographic selected relates to policy/procedural change. What is the impact on the criminal justice system?

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