This assignment will demonstrate comprehension of course material and allow students to explore a topic in greater depth and apply it to a current event using a reputable news source. Choose 1 article from an online news source, the event should have taken place in the last 6 months. APSA citation.

RUBRIC Provide a BRIEF general overview of the topic, using course materials Address the theoretical approaches mentioned in the course materials Address any important empirical points mentioned in the course materials (data, case studies, etc) Topic Analysis 5 Provided a BRIEF summary of the article (2-4 sentences) Explained how the article fits into your chosen topic and adds to course materials Explained how the article contributes to our knowledge of the topic Citation 4 Used in-text citation throughout the paper, including the course text/materials. DO NOT USE QUOTES Used appropriate citation in the references section, including the course text/materials. The two sources are the text book we use in class Mays, G. Larry. American Courts and the Judicial Process. Oxford University Press, 2012. and the online article

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