critical analysis of the arguments made in the article What is the point of saving endangered species?written by Michael Marshall.

Your task is to provide a critical analysis of the arguments made in the articleWhat is thepoint of saving endangered species?written by Michael Marshall. The article is availableat should briefly summarise the article, but most of your grade will come from evalu-ating the authors’ argument. A good critical analysis will:•Accurately portray the authors’ main argument using tools from class.–Rather than simply summarizing the author’s argument, you must identify theirunderlying economic model, assumptions, and implications.–Your arguments should add value and be relevant to the topic at hand.•Critically discuss the article.–Critically analyse a subset of the author’s most important arguments. You canagree or disagree with each, so long as you properly apply economic conceptslearned in class.–Identify the most important assumptions and simplifications the author makes,their implications, and their appropriateness. It can be useful to carefully con-sider the quality of the evidence used to support each assumption.•Provide a coherent point of view on the problem at hand.1 –Be sure to develop an argument based oneconomicsrather than biology, psy-chology, etc.Appropriate audienceYour are writing for the general public. You should assume your reader has some famil-iarity with basic economic ideas, but you should avoid over-using economic jargon andmathematics. Think of your reader as someone with some understanding of economics andcurrent events, but lacks detailed knowledge of economic theory. This means you mustexplain economic concepts and specialized vocabulary without losing an intelligent reader’sinterest.StructureIt is important to structure your argument clearly. A good assignment will have threemajor components:1.Introduction:provides important context and background information, but focuseson presenting your main idea2.Body:contains most of your analysis. This is where you can give more details aboutyour reference article and support your own argument.3.Conclusion:provide closure by bringing together your main points to emphasizetheir importance

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