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Goal Number One: Defining and contextualizing microaggressions. Your first goal is to help readers understand what exactly microaggressions are, which means you should have a clear, working definition of the term that you can use in your paper. Please come up with your own definition — do not use a dictionary definition or a quote to define microaggressions. ✨It is important that you demonstrate your understanding of this concept by providing your own definition.
Goal Number Two: Use examples from our readings to help people understand and recognize microaggressions. Most of our readings this semester have, in one way or another, touched on microaggressions. Look for a few specific examples of microaggressions at work, and try to find examples that differ a bit between authors. You might use Gloria Analdúa, Yiyun Li, and James Baldwin, for instance, as three authors who have helped you understand and recognize microaggressions. You are welcome to draw from any of our authors this semester, provided you can clearly identify an example of microaggressions in their work.
Goal Number Three: Use your understanding of microaggressions to critique a film or episode of a TV show (aka your pop-culture artifact). Here, the goal is to demonstrate critical thinking by applying your understanding of microaggressions to a brief analysis of whatever pop-culture artifact you’ve chosen. You should be able to clearly identify an example of microaggressions in the film or TV episode, and, in describing this moment to the reader, help the reader see how microaggressions often fly under the radar.





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