1. Critically evaluate the organization’s strategy and structure ( complexity, formalization, and centralization) in your answer. How doesthis structureseemtoaffectMs.Matthews’sbehavior?

2. There are four primary approachesto job design:mechanistic, biological, perceptual, and motivational. How might each approach be employed to better fit Ms. Matthewswithherjob? 3. Using the Job Characteristics Model, describe the impact Ms. Matthews’s job design is having on her work motivation. 4. Suggest how the firm could redesign Ms. Matthews’s job so it would increase her work motivation. Ms. Matthews may decide to stay at H&H if a more flexible work environment is created for her. Describe some alternative ways her job could be redesigned for greater flexibility. 5. Describe how formalized training and/or employee development might help Ms. Matthews better fit her job at H&H. 6. How you would you assess Jane Sutton’s need for training and development? What training methods you would recommend given her actions in this case? 7. If Mr. Blake hired you as a consultant, summarize your recommendations based on the above six questions for which you found answers.

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