Critique of Research Articles


Each work group is to write a team paper that critiques and evaluates the research regarding the practice question or topic. This paper challenges teams of students to create a model for evidence-based nursing practice. This model will either support (1) current nursing practice or (2) a change in practice. This model for nursing practice is based on:
• identifying a nursing clinical topic (Knowledge-Focused Trigger) or clinical question/problem (Problem-Focused Trigger) (as determined in class Week 1);
• searching the literature for original research evidence (Assignments #3 and #4);
• writing a critique and synthesis of four original research articles.

For Assignment #5, write the first half of the paper. Assignment #5 (the first half of the paper) will be approximately 4 pages

Critique each of the 4 articles in your Bibliography for what class has covered so far. Omit a critique of their titles, abstracts, and literature reviews.
Include critique of ethical considerations throughout.
• Statement of the research problem
• Purpose/aims/study questions and/or hypotheses (one of these is enough)
• Level of evidence
• Implementation potential
• Theoretical or conceptual model, framework, foundation, and/or basis (one or none)
• Design
• Methods
o Sampling
o data collection
o data quality

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