Report is on Economic Growth (how to build a country) The country chosen is Cuba****.. Cuba Low Economic Growth: The Causes, Consequences and Solutions. **** -Must type 3 ADDITIONAL pages to CONCLUDE the paper that has already been written. **** 3-4 Power point slides on conclusion to be presented **** Work cited pages must be in MLA format and please included my textbook ( Economics, 21th edition, by McConnell, Brue &Flynn; published by Irwin-McGraw Hill, New York, 2017; CHAPTER 28: Economic growth) -Font 12 , Times New Roman , Double space -Margins of 1″ to 1-1/4″ on all sides -Paragraphs must have 5-8 sentences of 10 sentences. -Extra references are accepted. -They cannot be Wikipedia, Investopedia or any open platform. -Only books including the textbook and reputable newspapers or magazines such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, Money Magazine etc. will be accepted Sample outline for the conclusion: III. Conclusion A. Concluding Statement 1. Analytical Summary 2. Thesis Reworded B. Recommendations

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