Cultural meanings of color in Asia

You will write three or more Discussion posts per week. Your main post must be two to three substantive paragraphs (200+ words) and include at least two references/citations You are working for Gandolfo’s New York Style Deli Corporate in marketing. If your boss asked you for your opinion on whether your firm should be an early or late entrant in an overseas market in Asia, what would you advise him/her? Support your answer with material from this unit and additional research. Tip: Pick a single country in Asia that has fast food American entries by doing a Web search. Also look at the foods eaten in that country that would lend themselves to a fast food establishment. Take at look at Gandolfo’s Web site and look at the fixed menu it offers. Will or can it appeal to Asians in your country of choice? What do Gandolfo’s colors mean in Asia? Gandolfo’s offers franchises for a price. How can they make it interesting to investors in the Asian country? Gandolfo’s has also started food trucks in US. Is it successful? Would it make a difference if such trucks were used in Asia?

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