Currently in an Statistical Economic Class and have a test tomorrow. Posted a powerpoint with questions and answers but didn’t show how he got some of the answers. Tried themselves on how i thought you would do it but came out wrong. Can you solve these and show the work?

Probability Practice Question

Suppose 85% of Republicans voted for John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Furthermore, suppose 75% of non-Republicans (Democrats and Independents) voted for Obama (not McCain).  Finally, suppose 45% of the voters were Republicans.What is the probability that any voter voted for McCain?What is the probability of a voter both being a Republican and voting for Obama?If a voter voted for McCain, what is the probability that he/she is not a Republican?

Binomial Practice Question 

In football, after scoring a touchdown, a team has the option to try to score a “two-point conversion.”  If successful, the team scores two points, zero if not successful.  Suppose the probability of a successful conversion is .4.  In a game, suppose a team scores 4 touchdowns and tries a two-point conversion on each touchdown.What is the probability that at least two of these attempts will be successful?What is the mean and standard deviation of the total number of points resulting from these four attempts.

123 Probability Practice QuestionSuppose 85% of Republicans voted for John McCain in the 2008 presidentialelection. Furthermore, suppose 75% of non-Republicans (Democrats andIndependents)…