We should have a paragraph up to 1000 words • Introduction (100 words) Brief statement to set the context for your work. • Body : 1) P1 (200) words 2) P2 (200) words 3) P3 (200) words 4) P4 (200) words 8 sentence each paragraph in the body and we should have references • Conclusion: (100 words ) 1) A brief statement that captures your key learning 2) Recommendations for self-development: List of intended actions for self-improvement. 3) Provide References in support of argument Section 1: Identify Own Decisions Preferences P1 The first task in Assessment One is to identify your own decision preferences by completing the Decision Style Instrument provided and noting the results as they apply to your own decision making. a) Logic: on most occasion you tend to prefer using your logical thinking when analysing problem and make decision b) Institution: you generally trust your hunches in your problem analysis and making decisions c) Balance: you are generally interested in the implications your decisions have on other These are my results.

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