demonstrate an in-depth understanding of, and engagement with, contemporary taxation issues related to the materials covered in this course. In the contemporary discussion forum participation, students will be required to contribute informative responses during the specified period, demonstrating engagement and interaction with contemporary tax issues. In considering the development of your responses, you will need consider what each of the articles are concerned about and what the relevance to the tax system is. For example, is the topic about some event that has occurred to a particular taxpayer(s) or perhaps there is a particular kind of activity that needs considering? Determine what the relevant tax issues might be, in terms of the topics we have been covering in this course. There is no mandatory word limit, however a good guide is to consider a paragraph or two, per post.

Please note that weeks do not necessarily corelate perfectly with topics and therefore I do not generally reference/align content or assessments to particular weeks. Moreover, although we have provided a structure to scaffold learning by splitting the syllabus into topics, there are a lot over cross overs and interactions between topics. As such, I would ensure you are familiar with how things fit together.


For example, if you are a foreign resident (topic 2) who undertakes some kind of activities in Australia, then your tax rates will differ (topic 1) to tax residents. You will include only Australian sourced income (topic 2), and you will need to consider whether the activities are amount to assessable income (topic 3), or perhaps are captured by capital provisions (topic 4), or neither,  and if so whether any expenditure may be deductible (topics 6,7), and so on.


We generally assign topics 1-9 to Assessment 1.

Marking Criteria  Short Description  Mark
1. Relevant Contribution. Demonstrated ability to prepare and contribute relevant posts to the discussion forum topic(s). 2.5
2. Synthesis and Analysis. Ability to synthesise material in order to raise issues or construct a persuasive and substantive response. 2.5
3. Interaction and Engagement. Ability to engage in a reflective discourse. The extent of engagement with students, in terms of interaction, insight and direction offered. 2.5
4. Presentation and Referencing. The extent of appropriate organisation and structure; legal terminology and writing skills.

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