Describe and contrast the processes for making primary and secondary legislation for English law. Explain how they can be said to be ‘complementary’ as sources of law.

Essay Structure: An Introduction: This should introduce the topic of the essay providing necessary definitions and background context. It should also make clear what the task is and how it will be addressed. The body of the essay should contain the following sections. The Topic: This section of the essay should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject being discussed. It should be organised into clear paragraphs and so developing this understanding by making the links between them clear, where it is appropriate. The Task: This section of the essay should address the specific question that is being asked about the topic. It should make reference to the key cases (where relevant) and explain how they relate to the issue being discussed. The Conclusion: This section of the essay should show the student’s position in the relation to what has come before and, if necessary, summarise the key points that have been made. In addition, marks are allocated for following this, or an alternative, structure so that the essay is organised in a way that enables a clear and logical development of an answer. There are also marks for the grammatical accuracy of the English, the general clarity of expression and the technical aspects of academic writing.

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