Question 4 Describe how you could measure and document current resource usage for the following at Ellia Hotel.  Paper  Energy, such as electricity  Transportation  Wastage. A minimum of one example for each item is required. add reference as necessary Ellia Hotel continued After conducting research and consulting with relevant people you have developed a plan of action. You are now ready to implement your changes although, cautious of your actions and how they may impact on others. Having seen a number of systems fail due to the way they were introduced and implemented in the past you decided to evaluate this process. As part of your implementation plan, you have decided to provide an ongoing monitoring program and evaluation process. Question 5 Describe the approach you would take as manager to communicate the changes, including assigned responsibilities, proposed outcomes and activities to both your team and senior management. add reference as necessary Question 6 Describe how you would support your team during this project. add reference as necessary

Question 7 a) Describe how you would monitor the new waste management procedures and how you would report the progress to management and staff. b) List at least five pieces of key information you would include in your evaluation tool. add reference as necessary Question 8 List three strategies you could implement to evaluate the overall project. add reference as necessary

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