If you are in field working with a client who has a substance abuse problem, you may use that person for this assignment; it is important that you disguise identifying information to protect the confidentiality of the client. It is also wise to get approval from your supervisor. If you do not have a client, you may watch a movie or TV show where one of the main characters has a substance abuse problem or is struggling with addiction.

Write an 8 – 10 page paper discussing the following:


Describe the character’s pattern of behavior and whether he/she thinks he/she has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol.


How is the problem affecting the people around the character? What is her/his    response to that reaction?              


Choose two of the theories you have studied and apply them to the case. Using each theory, explain the (1) etiology (causes), (2) dynamics (processes which perpetuate the disorder), and (3) person’s potential motivation for change.


If you were going to work with (counsel, etc.) this person, what cultural issues would you need to consider? How would you manage the issues?


Are there any ethical issues that could potentially arise? What are they, and what course of action would you take? Make sure you incorporate references to the reading or web sites.. 


The paper must be in APA (6th edition) format. It must (1) be typed using Microsoft Word and a font no larger than 12, (2) be double-spaced, and (3) have standard-margins (1” to 1.25”).  Students should pay close attention to spelling and grammar.

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