This assignment is to be implemented using object oriented programming. It involves implementing a
simulation of an election campaign and the election itself.
In addition to providing code you need to do the following:
• Submit a draft UML like class diagram indicating how your classes are structured and related.
• Submit a final report, which contains a final UML like class diagram reflecting the structure in your
code, and text/tables/diagrams addressing the points below:
1. Describe qualitatively, so not numerically, the five (5) different issues that you have chosen.
2. Describe the three (3) political parties and specify the range of stances on each of the issues.
3. Describe the characteristics of your electorates, and how the stance distribution for the electorates is modelled.
4. The winner for an electorate is the candidate for that electorate who obtains the most votes.
You need to describe how the number of votes for each candidate is obtained. There should be
randomness in this process. While the process doesn’t need to be particularly complicated, there
should be dependence on the relative stances of electorates and candidates, and on candidate
5. Describe the characteristics of the candidates and the qualitative impact they have.
6. Describe the characteristics of the other people associated with the political parties and the
qualitative impact they have.
7. Describe what local and national events you have chosen, and how the event mechanisms qualitatively depend on the characteristics of the components described above.

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