Describe the trading performance measures (KPIs) that John Lewis use to measure their annual performance, and suggest two improvements that could be made.


Describe the trading performance measures (KPIs) that John Lewis use to measure their annual performance, and suggest two improvements that could be made.



Report requirements
The group report comprises 50% of your Total Module Mark.
Your report will be marked both on the structure and format of your report and on the findings. Marks will be determined by your ability to:
¢Â Â   understand and interpret the question
¢Â Â   apply information and lessons learnt during the semester
¢Â Â   research information and use it to answer the questions, ideally your sources will be post 2006
¢Â Â   express information and arguments in a logical and well structured manner
¢Â Â   express your own opinions
Higher marks will be given to reports that:
¢Â Â   not only describe but analyse and evaluate the information
¢Â Â   conduct research beyond what is immediately available through a Google search

¢Â Â   research evidence that is up to date i.e. a statement about ˜current™ strategy is not from 2003

¢Â Â   answers that combine different aspects of the course e.g. linking store performance measurement with employee reward or linking business change with a change in the external business environment

The following questions relate to John Lewis (you are not required to include Waitrose in your answers).
It is required that you make reference to a model in your answers. Consequently your answers must not be simply descriptive of John Lewis™s activities but describing them in comparison to a model and evaluating them against that model.
You are also expected to provide evidence in your answers e.g. quotes
Pick one question per team member.
Answer all of the following questions:
1.    Using information found in at least two interviews with John Lewis Chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield, describe the leadership characteristics of Sir Charlie using one of the models below (remember to support your answer with evidence):
a.    Servant
b.    Transformational
c.    Charismatic
d.    Authentic
e.    Authoritarian
f.    Democratic
g.    Laissez-faire

2.    Describe the trading performance measures (KPIs) that John Lewis use to measure their annual performance, and suggest two improvements that could be made.

3.    Using the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility describe and evaluate John Lewis™s approach to Corporate Social responsibility

4.    John Lewis says ˜Our Partnership model gives us our distinctive culture.
This, combined with the efforts of our Partners, gives us our competitive advantage.™

Explain how the John Lewis employee partnership model could give John Lewis competitive advantage.

Guidelines for you report

The report is to be 2,500 words excluding the Coversheet, Contents page and References.

The format of the report is to be:

¢Â Â   Cover sheet including name of students, seminar tutor, date of submission, and word count
¢Â Â   Executive summary
¢Â Â   Contents page
¢Â Â   Introduction
¢Â Â   Findings (main body of the report)
¢Â Â   Conclusion
¢Â Â   References (these are to be referenced in Harvard format)

¢Â Â   Reports should be word processed in 11 point type and with 1.5 line spacing
¢Â Â   You must use at least eight sources, three of which must be books found in Regents University Library
¢Â Â   Run a spell check before you submit “ marks will be deducted for poor spelling and unprofessional presentation
¢Â Â   You should write in the style of a business report, not an essay, and should address your report to your client
¢Â Â   You should aim to write around 500 words to answer each question with the remaining 500 for Executive Summary, Introduction and Conclusion
¢Â Â   You are free to use bullet points, charts and graphs (where appropriate), headings and subheadings.

Whilst this is a group assignment students will be awarded individual marks reflecting their contribution to the report. The quality and standard of the individual™s written contribution will be considered when awarding marks. It is expected that the report will be in separate sections written by individuals and attributed to those individuals, however it is recognised that certain sections may have group attribution e.g.

Executive Summary “ Group writing or individual contribution

Introduction “ Group writing or individual contribution

Findings “ Individual writing

¢Â Â   Ocado use their own version of the Balanced Scorecard “ Adrian Thornley

¢Â Â   Ocado is preparing for a major change, the privatisation of the business.
“    Robert Plant

¢Â Â   Ocado promote Diversity, Equality and Fairness within their organisation.
“    James Page

References “ All references must also be attributed to the student who sourced the text e.g. SMITH, M., Fundamentals of Management, (2011), 2nd edition, McGraw Hill, London “ Student: Adrian Thornley

If it is deemed that the whole group has contributed equally it is perfectly feasible that all students will receive the same mark.

Plagarism and collaboration are taken very seriously by the University. Evidence of plagiarism will result in the work not being accepted and the individual or group, depending upon the circumstances, therefore failing the course.

It is suggested that you nominate one of your team members to submit the report, as multiple submissions is very confusing for your tutor.

Remember a draft of your report is to be submitted for review during your seminar in week 6.

Below is an article to help you start your research:
John Lewis plans to double in size and set up French website
Exclusive: Andy Street, managing director of John Lewis, outlines his plans as Christmas sales rise for department store chain

Andy Street, managing director of John Lewis
By Graham Ruddick The Telegraph
02 Jan 2014
John Lewis is preparing to almost double in size over the next decade as well as launch a French website.
The moves are part of ambitious growth plans for the UK and overseas that the department store chain is working on following a successful Christmas.
Despite the gloom surrounding the high street during the vital festive season, John Lewis said that like-for-like sales rose by 6.9pc to £734m in the five weeks to December 28. It marked a stark contrast to the profits warning issued on Tuesday by rival Debenhams.
Andy Street, managing director, said John Lewis had œoutperformed the market and enjoyed its biggest ever day on December 27, when the company generated sales of more than £35m.
Mr Street said that consumers had held back spending until the final week before Christmas and that retailers who œheld their nerve by not cutting prices will have benefited.
œPeople were expecting it to be better, but actually, one of the most interesting features is how trading has been a different shape to previous years. You usually see a steady uplift and then it actually plateaus, but there was a very intense, late peak.
According to Mr Street, John Lewis is likely to open a store outside of the UK within the next decade as part of the growth plans that will see the retailer almost double in size. By 2023, Mr Street said that John Lewis is likely to have 65 stores, compared to 40 at present, with annual revenues increasing from approximately £4bn at present to £7bn.
œIt will still be predominantly a UK brand, lets be absolutely clear about that, Mr Street said. œI think we will have moved from taking baby steps to slightly more grown up steps internationally.
Mr Street was speaking in an interview with The Telegraph as John Lewis prepares for a year in which it will celebrate its 150th anniversary.
The store chain is planning a series of events to mark the occasion from May, culminating in a celebratory event for staff and a one-off event for customers. It is also launching products with historical designs from the company™s archive.
In 2014, John Lewis will open stores at York and Heathrow airport, while Mr Street is preparing to step up the retailer™s international strategy by launching a French website that will be denominated in euros.
œWe have got two baby steps, which are both proving successful, Mr Street said of the overseas drive.
œ being available internationally is established and we are going to go again in terms of a French website paying in euros. That has appeared to be the most successful market for us.
œThe other thing is that we have had great success with our wholesaling deal in Korea and we are looking now for ten more countries to do a similar wholesaling deal.
Mr Street also believes that by 2020 online sales will account for half of John Lewis revenues.
œWe will have national coverage, we will probably be a 50-50 business: 50pc online, 50pc in store, he added.
œBut most importantly of all, the thing that John Lewis does brilliantly and it is the reason that customers come here for their Christmas shopping, is we will still be selecting from that morass of stuff that is out there. This is what we recommend for you. We don™t want to become, to put it bluntly, an Amazon, with everything you can possibly get on your website. We are not a marketplace website. We want our website to be approved by our buyers, that™s the crucial thing.
Mr Street said John Lewis may also explore expanding the brand into health-related products. œThis is not an announcement, but I can see with the trust there is for John Lewis, it has got an opportunity there, he said.
œWe are not that far away. If you think about what we do with our beauty retreats, it isn™t far from that to the edge of some of the health-related services. So that™s an interesting area for us.
The next 12 months is also likely to see the future of the John Lewis pension scheme resolved. The John Lewis Partnership, which also includes Waitrose, is reviewing the scheme, which still offers a final salary pension but is nursing a deficit of almost £1bn.
Mr Street said: œI think they will decide to change. We offer the best pension on the high street, probably of any UK plc, by a country mile at the moment. Final salary, non-contributory, accrual rates best in the market.
œNow, we still want to best in the market, lets be clear. We are not rushing to the rest of the pack, but it™s the degree of difference between us and the rest in the market.
œBear in mind, I have got to bear the cost of that on my profit and loss account. So when you see our results at the end of every year, we have already paid for that pension.
The gold-plated pension scheme is one of the benefits of John Lewis™s partnership model, which means the retailer is owned and run by its staff. However, the stability of employee-owned businesses has been called into question after the crisis at The Co-operative.
œOur corporate governance is totally different to the Co-op™s, Mr Street said. œIf you look at our conformity with the Combined Code, then we have got absolutely nothing to hide.
œThis brand has been very well managed over the years. It gave us a brilliant foundation and trust in the brand. What I think we have been able to do is extend that trust and actually the recession has helped us in one sense because it has made customers really think of the values that businesses reflect.

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