Design and create a logo for a company using those shapes:

The Sunshine Sailboat company is considering an alternate logo for their showroom display. They need you to create thislogo. Thelogo must consist of a circle, inscribed polygon (5-sided or more), triangle and any other polygon you need.

Make sure that you have a tangent and a secant on your logo. The center of your circle maynot go through the origin ofthe coordinateplane. Draw this circle using your mathematical set (compass and ruler) on a coordinate plane (use squared paper). Showan ordered pair on the circumference of your circle. All measurements must be clearly indicated on your logo.

Useyour logoto complete the following instructions:

1.Calculate the length of the radius of your circle, by using the distance formula.2.State the formula of the circle instandard form.3.Calculate theapothem of the polygon with the most sides.4.Calculate theareaof polygon with the most sides.5.Find the measure of an angle between atangentand asecant onyour logo.6.Draw atrapezoid,using yoursecant asone side of the trapezoid on your logo.7.Calculate the area of this trapezoid. Apply Pythagoreans Theorem.8.The trapezoid will be made of copper. Find the cost of the copper and present to the CEO and financial director of

Sunshine Sailboat company.

afterthat,Choose one of the Mathematical practices below and explain how you applied it in your work on the

Performance Task.

MP 1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

MP 2: Reason abstractly and quantitively.

MP 4: Model with Mathematics.Attachments area

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