Design engineers have set product specifications at 60 mm/sec +/-.8 mm/sec. You know that product which measures.+/- .8 mm/sec from the mean costs the company an extra $ 39.57  per unit. You also know that it will cost you $ 11.87  per unit to adjust a product to 60 mm/sec. You also know that your process is a 3 sigma process and the mean is  0.78 SD more thanthe target. The firm accepts Taguchi’s loss function as a viable means of modeling costs. How much is your process 

1) currently costing you if you do nothing, 

2) if you fix those that make  sense to fix? Would you spend  dollars to create a centered process with a Cp ranging from 1.5 to 2? If you did have such a process, would you adjust or not adjust  (support using Taguchi’s cost function)? Production is  147400 units per month (accrue monthly), costs $5000 per month to inspect each unit, productive life cycle of the product is projected to be 6.86998445351468 years, and the discount rate is expected to range from 9% to 15%APR. Support your answer both quantitatively (95% CL, n = 50) and qualitatively (six stake holder consideration).