develop high-fidelity prototype. Based on the user test feedback and recommendations
that you proposed in the previous phase (Project A), develop a high-fidelity prototype
(i.e. reasonably complete version) for the website. Use any combination of HTML5 and
CSS3. Remember to indicate which browser (i.e. IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) you are
targeting as the main working platform. For the purpose of this project, please exclude
mobile devices that runs on fragmented or closed-system technology, such as Android,
Apple iOS and Nook. Do not use Rapid Application Prototyping (RAD) tools or any other
type of scripting, programming languages, add-ons or services, e.g. Python, Lua, AJAX,
Dreamweaver, WordPress etc.
• Carry out user acceptance test. Devise two walkthrough scenarios. For example,
“Instruct the user to visit the postcards section, look up two items, exit and select
playing_cards section and look up four other items.” Apply this walkthrough scenario to
your test subjects. Invite 3 to 4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmates
should be fine, etc.) to play the role of users. You do not need to provide their names.
Ask each of the users to perform all the walkthrough scenarios you have devised. Apply
appropriate techniques to determine how the website performs under these test
conditions. Systematically collect data on the user performance. For example, how long
did each of the users take to complete each of the scenarios? Did the users find the
interface easy or challenging to use? Does the interface allow users to change their
minds? Etc. Refer to your textbook for more detailed and appropriate parameters that
suits your requirements.

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