Developing a Marketing Strategy

This project is an attempt to apply the following: 1. Developing a Marketing Strategy 2. Understanding Customer Behavior. 3. Developing a Global Brand Strategy 4. Marketing Strategy over the Product Life Cycle; New Product Development 5. Pricing and Sales Promotion 6. Communications 7. Channels of Distribution 8. Customer Relationship Management To a product or service of your choosing. You are necessarily going to analyze the current marketing strategy and implementation for a product/service and make recommendations for how it should be changed (unless you think it is perfect already, which is highly unlikely). Choose a product or service you would like to analyze. For small companies, you may not be able to distinguish the product from the company. The first part of the paper should provide a brief background of the company and a description of the product/service and its primary competition. The second part of the paper is descriptive. I would like you to describe the product’s current marketing strategy (objectives, target segment(s), value proposition), and implementation (marketing mix). The third part of the paper is diagnostic. I would like you to evaluate the product’s current marketing strategy and implementation. Use any criteria you feel are appropriate, but at least one should be the “consistency” of the strategy/marketing mix

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