Developing a MM Research Plan . Research Proposal Componen

Developing a MM Research Plan . Research Proposal Components (the role morality and ethics contribute or play in today’s politic). the role morality and ethics contribute or play in today’s politic). Please include the following; Abstract . Introduction • Introduction and Problem Statement (~ 4 paragraphs) ◦ Summary of the literature framing history of the issue, using at least 10 articles related to the problem ◦ Gaps and/or deficiencies in prior research ◦ Importance of present study = Why the study should be pursued and for whom is it important • Purpose of the Study (1 paragraph) • Nature of the Study and Research Questions (with hypotheses as appropriate) ◦ Include the type of study design here, please. Briefly describe the key study variables (independent, dependent, covariate, and such) in quantitative components and concept/phenomenon in qualitative components. More details are requested in the methods section of this paper. • Conceptual Framework (whatever it takes, length-wise) ◦ Theoretical and conceptual bases and origins of or sources for theory and description of concepts ◦ Contexts that informed the framework ◦ Where and how theory has been applied and concepts evidenced in previous literature ◦ Rationale for conceptual lens ◦ State how the framework relates to the study approach and key research questions, as well as to the instrument development and data analysis, where appropriate. • Operational Definitions. Any specialized terms you are including, or variables under investigation in the study, must be defined. For variables under study, your definition should be an operational definition (the tool or instrument that is used to measure the concept represented by the variable). Define terms used in the study that have multiple meanings (Do not include common terms or terms that can easily be looked up in a dictionary.) Include citations that identify support in the professional literature for each definition. • Assumptions. ◦ Clarify aspects of the study that are believed but cannot be demonstrated to be true. Only include assumptions critical to the meaningfulness of the study. ◦ Describe the reasons why the assumption(s) was (were) necessary in the context of the study • Limitations. ◦ Describe limitations of the study related to design and/or methodological weaknesses (including issues related to limitations of internal and external validity, construct validity, and confounder variables). ◦ Describe any biases that could influence study outcomes and how they are addressed. 2 ◦ Describe reasonable measures to address limitations • Scope and Delimitations. Delimitations describe the “bounds” of the study and the sample being used to test the hypotheses. ◦ Conclusion.APA format

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