The assignment is the development of a strategic marketing plan in Microsoft Word for your organisation and it must cover the following topics: 1.Introduction a very short introduction of your chosen company and the strategic reasons why you chose them.2.Executive Summaryasummary of the key findings and recommendations (sections 3, 4 and 5)3.


Where we are nowareviewof the typestyle trends & developments with their impact on the industry,drivers behind them and likelihood they continue in the future and potential impact on your organisationusing Porter’s 5 Forces model, a review of the key forces of competition and their potential impact on your organisationusing the Lehman & Winer model, a review of the key competitors (one direct competitor, one potential newcomer and one substitute) and assessment of their future strategyusing the DMU and 5Ws & H models, a review of the anticipated key changes in the future consumer behaviourusing Wang & Ahmed marketing resources model, a review of the key marketing assets and related marketing capabilitiesusing Wang & Ahmed marketing resources model, areview of the dynamic marketing capabilitiesareview of the lack of marketing assets, marketing capabilities and dynamic marketing capabilitiesSWOT4.Where we want to bea SMART description of three strategic marketing objectivesadescriptionofthreealternative marketing strategies which aim to achieve the objectives stated and which are based on your analysis under 3 abovethe recommended marketing strategy with clear rationale using the SAFe assessmenta descriptionof the target segment(s) and related competitive positioningmap5.How we are going to get thereadescriptionof the main (Digital) Marketing Mix initiatives to implementthe chosen marketing strategya description of how you plan to monitor and track the progress of the implementation of your plan6.Appendices7.ReferencesMake sure you are clear and concise in yourwriting as your word limitfor sections 3-5 is2,000+/-10%.Theword count for sections1-6is 4,000 words+/-10%.A significantly higher word count will likelyresult in a penalty. The weighting of this assessment is 70%

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