Digital strategy for AUS POST organisation

This report (3500 words excluding reference and appendix) should be titled as “Digital strategy for AUS POST organisation: [ theme selected, that is, either customer experience  or platform modernization or digitised solutions (Implementing Drone Technologies)”. The report shall include but not limited to the following

Introduction: brief background to the organisation; processes used to conduct the project and the scope of the project.

Digital strategic analysis: analysis of the current internal and external state of the business and its IT based on the theme and scope of your choice (use the feedback from the interim report and presentation to update your analysis)

Defining digital strategic objectives: articulate the digital strategic objectives  to define a desired situation (you must demonstrate how you have used the findings of your analysis and apply relevant frameworks taught in the class)

Digital strategy actions: For each digital strategic objective, identify a set of strategic actions and recommendations.  This shall address some, if not all, of the IT issues identified through the digital strategic analysis.

Digital strategy implementation and evaluation: how would you go about the task of implementing the recommendations, what are the key implementation issues and how do you intend to handle them? How do you ensure that your strategy delivers what it was intended to deliver?

List of evidence. This can include both academic reference and other materials such as websites, company documents, list of people (can use pseudo-name) consulted including their job title, and personal correspondences that you have used to complete the interim report or will use in the future to complete the group project.  The evidences should be cited in appropriate places in your report.

Appendix ( if applicable).



Submission Instruction 

  • This report should not be more than 3500 words excluding list of evidence and appendix.

The report shall be formatted as: 11pt font Times New Roman ; 1.5 line spacing and  2.54 (standard setting) margin.

The report should have a cover page and the six sections described above. This report is short in length so there is no need for an executive summary or abstract.

Research, critical reflection and use of the interim report and presentation feedbacks are required to successfully complete the report.

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