Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative

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Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative, (The entire Book) Assignment: Provide a word document analyzing important concepts in the readings. Assume that you are writing for an uninformed reader that knows nothing about the topic and has not read what you read. Provide an introduction that gives the background of the resource that you are reviewing, so the reader will understand what they’re reading and why. Include the following topics in this week’s discussion: – Is ‘Disaster Resilience’ a ‘National Imperative’? Why or why not? Should it be? – What are the drivers that make resilience important and urgent? – What is the concept of ‘managing risk’? – What are some of the challenges to decision-making that enhances resiliency? How would progress be measured? – What are some of the strategies and skills required to build resilience within a community? – How does politics influence resiliency? – Describe the federal framework that is meant to enhance resiliency. DO NOT list out the topics or questions and answer them. They are not meant to be all-inclusive, and your reader will not understand the context. Rather, give an overview of the author’s entire body of work, using the topics as guidelines.

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